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FuboTV: An Option for Soccer Fans without Cords

More and more people are moving away from cable bills and the typical broadcast services to get their favorite TV experiences. This, however, has been more challenging for sports fans, particularly for afficianados of foreign soccer teams. You can generally find your favorite American sports teams on broadcast TV, or on just streaming services, so that need has been met for some time. But soccer was another matter. FuboTV has bridged that gap.

If you are an American fan, you will find that this live streaming system gives you quite a few foreign leagues that you likely want to follow. FuboTV is based out of New York City, and at this time is only offered in America, not Europe. There is a cost, but if you want to see Spain’s La Liga, Liga MX from Mexico, or Ligue 1 from France, you might want to check out this review.

FuboTV was started as a monthly service in January of 2015. It has now become well know as one of the best streaming services of soccer leagues. As a fan, you want to be able to see as many foreign leagues as you can, so this cost effective service may fit the bill, with offerings of different clubs, a wide range of players and leagues, live soccer games, all offered online and streamed to your devices.

February 2017 Update

2017 is a year of the big changes for Fubo Tv.  The company introduced a new premium service for its subscribers and now FuboTV is not just niche focused, soccer live streaming service but also offers news and entertainment networks and all the sport your family could want, providing an more varied menu of over 70 HD channels that will have something for everyone.

FuboTV is now striving to completely replace cable TV sports offerings, growing into a sports-first service that gives you not only the sports action you love, but also the sports news you usually only find on cable sports networks. It is striving to give you sports related documentaries, TV series, highlights, as well as sports related news. You can use this service not only on internet-connected TVs, but on your game consoles, your mobile devices, your computer, and streaming players, giving you a wide variety of viewing venues. It is becoming more than just soccer streaming, but giving you now sports and entertainment wherever you are.

What you get:
Live soccer streaming on internet-connected devices, wherever you are.
High Definition (HD) streaming where available, so great visuals.
Add-on packs for minimal costs such as Spanish, Portuguese, Entertainment and more as bundles for even more channels.
DVR service available as of September 2015, so you aren’t limited to only live events, but can record events and entertainment to watch at your convenience.

Subscription options and costs:

$9.99/month, or $95/year (if you do the math, it comes out to $7.91/month).
Access to live soccer games, news information and sports entertainment. The entertainment portion at this time in primarily for a Latino audience, but watch for additions.

No contract. You can cancel at any time, similar in set up as Netflix or other streaming services. Compare this to the cost of your cable bill as you look at your favorite soccer team’s season length.

NOW FuboTV is offered free for a 24 hour trial. Check it out. Take a look and see if you find it worth ditching the cable bill while still having your soccer! Click here for free trial.

Available leagues:

Tournament play
Scottish Cup
Africa Cup of Nations
Portuguese Cup
Coppa Italia

FuboTV stream channels:

Top soccer club streaming channels
Live soccer coverage
FC Barcelona
Real Madrid
This is a great way to keep up with your favorite teams and clubs. You will find news and highlights directly from the soccer players themselves.

FuboTV accessible devices:

Internet-connected TV (with streaming player: Roku, Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV)
iOS and Android phones
iOS, Andriod and Kindle Fire tablets
gaming consoles

How to try out FuboTV for free:

Click here for more information and the free trial. You will get the entire premium programming package for 24 hours, free.


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