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As much as you love sewing, accidents are imperative, especially if you are a beginner. Having to deal with sharp cutting edges and pointed needles, sewing may be more dangerous than it appears to be. Therefore, it counts to take the necessary precautions and safety tips while sewing. Listed below are some of the safety tips while dealing with sewing tools.

1. Close the rotary cutters

It is not logical to stop using the rotary cutters for safety’s sake. This round cutting tool sure reduces a lot of effort and simplifies your task, but if you are not careful enough, this little thing can cause a lot of havoc. Rotary cutters are required to be very sharp for proper functioning. Hence, to avoid any accidents, make sure that you put them back into their case immediately after use.

2. Stay focused

Sewing requires you to be very attentive. Take your eyes off for a second and bet you will be pricking yourself. This will not only stain the fabric but also make further work difficult for you. So always make it a point that you use a thimble and keep your eyes on the needle.

3. Ironing

You may stitch up the cuts, but if you burn yourself, it will definitely take some time before you get completely healed. To avoid iron burns, keep the iron over a secluded spot while heating it. It is best to use automatic shutting iron with heavily insulated wires. Keep them in an upright position to prevent burning the fabric. Also, be careful while dealing with tricky places such as seams, collars, and pleats.

4. Keep the nails short

Sewing requires a lot of handwork. Having long nails can make the task very difficult. Make it a point to keep your nails as short as possible to avoid any accidents with your tools.

5. Use your tools the right way

If you ask a tailor, he may be able to tell you. Using the wrong tools not only makes your job more difficult, but also increases the chances of injuring yourself. For example, you may think that it is quite okay to use rotary cutters straight over a ruler. This may sound ingenious and quick, but in case you run it over the ruler and straight into your hands, can you imagine what would happen? Therefore, make sure that you are using your tools the right way and also not substituting one for the other.

6. Sharpen your scissors regularly

Using blunt sewing tools make your task very irritable and time-consuming and irritable. In such cases, it is easy to get distracted and hurt yourself. So make it a point to keep your tool in shape. If it is a cutting tool, sharpen them regularly.

7. Do not rush

Sewing is not at all the task where you can rush. Every little thing needs great attention and focus. So do not rush. Instead, slow down and enjoy the process, while making efforts to master each and every step to perfection.

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