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If you wish to learn ways to construct a chicken cage, so it will meet expectations and needs of your chickens, this article is for you. Chickens aren’t picky animals, however they need couple of things in their life to remain happy, health and lay eggs frequently. This article isn’t really just about benefit of your chickens, by following ideas I share below, you will be building chicken coops that is much easier and faster to clean as well as keep in great condition.


When it comes to their life cycle, chicken are really dependent on light. When it is getting dark and wake up with dawn, they go to sleep. That is why you have to develop windows in your chicken cage that will provide a lot of light.

You need to place windows in your chicken cage in a manner in which will enable your flock to get as much sun as they just can. Particularly in the early mornings. Most of the windows in your chicken home need to remain in an instructions of the dawn.

Second use for windows is producing air circulation inside your chicken cage. They permit your chickens to breath with fresh air and conserve you from handling bad smells while you are cleaning up the chicken cage.

Cannot provide your chickens with a suitable source of light will reduce their efficiency and trigger them to lay eggs less often or throughout odd hours. If, for some factor, you cannot provide them with natural light, attempt to replace it with electrical. This, nevertheless, must be done under guidance of somebody who understands the best ways to construct a chicken cage.

Electrical light is an excellent concept, however you have to ensure that the setup is well concealed and will not end up being a pecking target. The other thing you have to keep in mind is that with electrical light, your costs can get actually high, so my suggestion is to always look for natural services.

Size of the coop

You have to keep in mind about developing a chicken home of the ideal size. You ought to approximate the number of chickens you are going to keep and based upon that pick a proper plan. Each chicken needs from 4 to 5 square feet to feel comfy.

Always pick larger cage if you are not able to find a best fit for your flock. Small chicken cages will require your birds to crowd on an extremely restricted space which can trigger illness dispersing and in some severe cases cannibalism.

The next significant outcome of keeping your chickens in a small space is, hostility. Chickens that do not have enough room, can end up being aggressive to you, other members of the chicken and the flock cage itself. They likewise have the tendency to break their own eggs so, take notice of the size of your chicken home.

Automatic chicken coop door

You can  decide to install an  automatic chicken coop door openers. They  are easy to install and you’ll never have to open the door for the chicken anymore!

What is your budget?

Budget is a crucial aspect you ought to think about while learning the best ways to develop a chicken cage. It can be the single factor that will eliminate your whole endeavor. That is why you ought to always develop what does it cost? You can spend prior to beginning to construct.

There are many ways you can cut the expense of construction. Among the most apparent ones is buying less expensive, however still functional products. This, nevertheless, needs details on what type of products are chicken safe and, which aren’t.